The Underdog Apostle: St. Jude and the Lost Causes

He’s not the most famous apostle, but discover how St. Jude became the saint to call when hope seems lost.

He’s not the most famous apostle. Or the one with the most mentions in the Bible. But St. Jude has become one of the most beloved Catholic saints, especially for those dealing with desperate situations.

So who was this underdog apostle? And how did he become the patron saint of lost causes?

Unlike celebrity apostles like Peter and Paul, Jude preferred to work quietly in the background. He spread the gospel far and wide after Jesus’ death, possibly traveling as far as Persia. Yet he never seemed to seek credit or fame.

Jude simply got the job done through simple, unshakable faith. According to legend, his preaching ruffled feathers and led to his martyrdom in Lebanon. But Jude never wavered in speaking truth.

This brave faith in impossible odds made Jude the perfect match for hopeless causes. In an intense letter urging Christians to “snatch others from the fire”, Jude became a voice for perseverance against all adversity.

Over the centuries, St. Jude’s reputation as an apostle who achieved the unthinkable grew. Desperate souls with no other alternatives began invoking Jude in their darkest hours. And amazingly, miracles occurred.

St. Jude offers a lifeline to those ready to give up by reminding us God’s loving power can triumph over even the bleakest situations. He’s proof that with deep faith, nothing is ever really lost.

So next time you’re dealing with an impossible circumstance, say a little prayer to St. Jude. The underdog apostle understands, and he’s on your side.

St. Jude Thaddeus

Feast Date: October 28th
Novena Dates: October 19th-27th

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